The simdensity will indicate to the doctor the accurately measured bone density at the selected treatment site. The reading will be expressed in physics-accepted absolute density units of g/cm³. The tool the doctor will receive is a proprietary Density Phantom, with which the patient is scanned, and a cloud platform for analyzing, calculating and reading out the patient’s data from the CBCT scan taken with the Phantom. The comparative analysis of the results is carried out using proprietary software and algorithms using digital storage of images (DICOM files) taken with the dental CBCT scanner.


Modern, in-use intuitive user interface that allows you to freely use the service on any device with a web browser. The system does not require additional software installation.

Access to simdensity is free of charge.. Payment is made only for the bone density test performed at the indicated site of the planned procedure.

Density Template

The density phantoms are made of composite material representing ranges of bone tissue with different densities. We perform the process of precise calibration of the density standards in a high-resolution study using a computer microtomograph.


For the implantologist:

  • Precise assessment of bone density status.
  • Support for treatment planning.
  • Time saving in CBCT diagnostic analysis.
  • Complete treatment documentation.
  • Easy-to-use user interface.
  • Support tool for communication with the patient.
  • Flexible terms of cooperation in the use of the system.

For the Patient:

  • Improved communication with the doctor.
  • Significant improvement in knowledge of one’s own health at the level of densitometry examination.
  • An increase in trust in the doctor and a sense of security associated with undergoing a medical procedure.